Vision Living is committed to transforming the lives of millions of people through dynamic and powerful personal success trainings.

Our potent, three-part Vision Living course series will have you elevate your life to the next level. You’ll get a closer look at multiple areas and accelerate beyond what you may have thought possible before. People from all walks of life have experienced multitudes of success from these courses all over the globe the past forty years.

From celebrities to CEO’s, factory workers to multi-millionaires, from students to world leaders: Vision Living trainings empowers people to live the life of their dreams.  This is the fast-track to making it happen.
Vision Living Trainings Fast Track

Part One is The Discover Course. Discover is a three and a half day bootcamp that will have you declare what it is you really want at a core level. This is your deepest heart’s desires, and the discovery can be a welcome surprise. It’s a priceless way to create clarity in your life purpose and path.

Part Two is The Breakthrough Intensive. Breakthrough is a four day experience beyond explanation. It is a rocket ship ride that will have participants soar to new heights. Each person will create a powerful vision, identify ways they show up in the world, and get to the heart of the matter so they become unstoppable leaders in their own lives.

Part Three is Vision Based Living. This three month team mastermind encompasses all of the experiences in Discover and Breakthrough, and creates a tailor-made playground for each person to thrive both professionally and personally. You will hone your skills with laser focus to become the greatest version of yourself. Armed with your very own strategic plan and personal coaches, you will have a roadmap poised for success. Supported by your teammates, you will never feel alone on this path. As a result, your success will multiply and you will have a new level of destiny. This is your time to shine, and share your gifts to the world around you.