Breakthrough Intensive is one of the most profound experiences in life.

Breakthrough, Part Two of the profound Vision Living transformation courses is a four day journey that has people soar to new heights in their lives they never knew possible. If you thought the first course, Discover, was powerful, this deep level breakthrough work will blow your mind. There is hardly a way to describe The Breakthrough Intensive without experiencing it for yourself.

In Breakthrough, the focus is getting to the heart of the matter. All the way down to the core values and the root of who the person really is, and unleash who they were born to be. If Discover was the tip of the iceberg, Breakthrough Intensive is the mass of the iceberg under water. It’s what is not seen by you that is the magic to unlocking your potential. You are with your team from Discover, working with coaches and world renowned trainers to unlock your greatest potential. Even the top world athletes have coaches to guide them and identify things they can’t see in themselves.

You’ll get a crystal clear understanding that life is now. You’ll also learn some of the many ways you show up in the world around you, and understand dynamics of many different types of reactions towards other people in the world and themselves. Once that is accomplished, you’ll know exactly how to harness the incredible power within to transform into the greatest version of yourself.

You will create a powerful vision for your life, declare who you really are as a human being, and you may even want to shout it from the mountain tops.


Breakthrough is like walking through the fire, only to arrive at the greatest celebration.

That celebration is you! Your authentic self, the greatest version of you. Because you and the world deserve it. The only way to this celebration is breaking through those barriers that were discovered in The Discover Course, and transformed in The Breakthrough Intensive.. Like Discover, The Breakthrough Intensive is a team format, with trainers and coaches there to bring out the best in all of the participants. No one wins unless everyone wins, and with this stand, you will bring your life to a whole new level.