The Discover Course by Vision Living creates a powerful, memorable space for participants to elevate their life to the next level.

From ordinary to extraordinary, The Discover Course is a live playground for like minded people to unlock their full potential. In some there may already be an idea of wanting to make life even better. Others may want to explore interests and other areas in life to figure out where they are headed. Is this you? You are not alone. Just like many others, maybe you want a new career, a loving relationship, even faster and greater success and live a healthier lifestyle. The great news is The Discover Course is the best way to find out who you were truly born to be.

Not only will you see where you can take your life to the new heights – In Discover there is opportunity to let go of things that don’t serve your life. Something might be in the way from achieving whatever it is you may really want. Whether it’s an increase in income, get clarity on your life path, or finally living in to that extraordinary dream of yours. This is the discovery, and it makes for a memorable experience that you will always remember. It is never too late to start fresh.

NEXT DISCOVER COURSE TRAINING DATES: Thursday October 20 – Sunday October 23, 2016

Another great thing about The Discover Course is that each person gets to decide for themselves what they work on and what they would like to achieve and create for themselves by participating in the courses. It is their choice, and that creates for a valuable experience during the training.

Think of the experience like a car going into a garage for a tune-up to run smoother, or upgrade a part that will make the car even more efficient.

Even the most exotic, expensive, pristine, beautiful automobiles still go in and get a tune-up and the oil changed!



As a result of The Discover Course, participants will have a better understanding of the life they really want, and ways to begin to fulfill their maximum potential. Maybe you will find some answers to some of the biggest questions like “What is your purpose on the planet?”

In The Discover Course, the journey of a lifetime begins. Some people say there is no such thing as a second chance in life. You can Discover that there is such a thing, and you get to decide that for yourself.