Transform A Hero. I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all. -Maya Angelou

A Hero has many faces.  Transform A Hero is a sponsor based program to give our hard working, sacrificing Public Servants and Emergency Responders an opportunity to transform their lives, reach new heights, reduce stress and break through all of the things that may come with their challenging jobs.

Help us bring some uplifting goodness and relief to these men and women in uniform and schools so they all can live an even better life at work and at home.

Emergency Responders – Police, Fire, Military – School Teachers, Public Servants

Vision Living will support these amazing men and women in achieving their goals, creating freedom and mindfulness, and plan for bright futures by providing sponsorship opportunities plus discounted tuition to anyone that is an active emergency responder, public servant, school teacher, military and veterans of the armed forces.

These human beings give so much, and are sometimes taken for granted as unsung heroes. Let’s work together to give
back to these heroes in a very unique way – The Discover Course!


The Discover Course by Vision Living creates a powerful, memorable space over three and a half days for participants to elevate their life to the next level and unlock their greatest potential. Any eligible Transform a Hero man or woman can benefit in two ways:

1) Discounted Half Price Tuition to The Discover Course at $300, PLUS bring a guest free *$900 Savings
2) Tuition Scholarship Award from a donating sponsor at $300, and bring a guest free *$1200 Value. Availability is Limited Per Course.

The Discover Course is the best way to create balance in mind, body, spirit. Participants will gain clarity on what they really want out of life, and gain all the tools to live an even better lifestyle.

*Prerequisite – 21 Years and over. Active Public Servant, Military, Police, Fire, Rescue, School Teacher. Armed Forces Veteran.